Menstrual Cup Questions Everyone's Asking

When you first start using a menstrual cup, you’re bound to have some questions. After all, it’s a completely new and different way of managing your period. Menstrual cups are unlike pads and tampons, which can mean that a little bit of practice is needed. However, within no time at all you are sure to see that menstrual cups have a number of fantastic benefits.

Menstrual Cup FAQs

To help you understand the ins and outs of menstrual cup use, we have listed some of the most common menstrual cup questions. These questions are asked by women of all ages, so you’re certainly not alone in wondering about the answers.

  • What Makes Menstrual Cups Different From Tampons? - Menstrual cups are made from high quality, specialist silicone. This means that they can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time, whereas tampons can only be worn for around half of this. Silicone doesn’t dry you out in the same way that a tampon does, which helps to combat discomfort.
  • Why Can’t I Get My Menstrual Cup Inserted Comfortably? - When you first use a menstrual cup, you may find it difficult to get it to sit comfortably. This is something that comes with practice. Everyone is different and it’s all about finding a technique that works for you. Try situating it slightly differently each time, until you’re happy with it.
  • Why Am I Finding Menstrual Cup Removal Difficult? - Removing your cup the first few times is difficult for everyone, so you should expect this. Start by squeezing the bottom of the cup to break the suction seal, then slowly rock it from side to side whilst pulling it out. You will notice that it becomes a lot quicker and easier with practice.
  • How Should I Clean My Menstrual Cup? - There are a few different ways to clean a menstrual cup; some women use soap and water, others use specialist cleaning solutions. The important thing is to ensure your cup is clean and sterile before use. You should also boil your cup after every period.

By taking the time to properly learn how to insert and remove your menstrual cup, you’ll find that day to day use is a lot easier. Though you may struggle to get to grips with your menstrual cup at first, it will become a quick and easy way to manage your period.

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