Floweret ™ Steam Steriliser & Carry Case

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What's Included In The Box?

1 x Microwaveable Steam Steriliser & Carry Case

Reusable & Foldable Floweret Carry & Menstrual Cup Sterilise Case.

  • Foldable For Easy Storage
  • Sterilise Your Menstrual Cup In The Microwave In Just 3 Minutes
  • Special Breathe Holes To Stop Mould
  • Doubles As A Carry Case
  • Suitable For All Menstrual Cup Sizes 

For sterilising your menstrual cup before, during and after each menstrual cycle. 

Suitable for small and large-sized Menstrual Cups.

Comes with breathable lid holes, essential so that mould doesn't grow between cycles.

Great for storing during and after your cycle & cleaning your cup.

Sterilises by steaming your menstrual cup, eliminates bacteria and odour.

How to Use: Wash your menstrual cup and place in the steriliser. Fill the steriliser with 1/3 of a cup of water, put the lid and microwave. on the standard cook setting for 3-5 minutes.

Be careful when removing your steriliser as the water and steam will be very hot. It is suggested you wait for it to cool down before removing. 

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