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2 Pack Floweret ™ Clear Menstrual Cups

Floweret ™ Clear Menstrual Cup Reusable Period Cup What's Included In The Box? The option of 1 or 2 Floweret Menstrual Cups for Heavy or Light Flow Cotton Carry Bag per cup What is a menstrual cup, How to use a menstrual cup

The Floweret ™ is a reusable Medical Grade Silicone Cup, registered with the FDA 

Made from soft and comfortable body-safe materials, the Floweret ™ cup is worn internally.

The Floweret ™ cup collects your menstrual flow rather than absorbing. 

The cup creates a seal on the vaginal walls, and won't move until you break the seal by pinching the base of the cup. 

Once your cup is filled or the recommended 12 hours are up, you simply pinch the base and slide the cup out. 

  • up to 12 hours of protection 
  • use day or night 
  • 3 x tampon & pad capacity
  • comfy & reliable
  • chemical & toxin-free
  • better for the environment 
  • better for you

Floweret Menstrual Cup with Cotton Carry Bag 

It is recommended to have two Floweret ™ cups on rotation. Clean and sterilise your Floweret ™ cup after 12 hours of use

Sterilising takes just 3 minutes, with our carry and clean case.

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