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Floweret ™ Dual Period Starter Kit

Floweret ™ Purple Menstrual Cup Reusable Period Cup What's Included In The Box? The option of 1 or 2 Floweret Menstrual Cups for Heavy or Light Flow Cotton Carry Bag per cup What is a menstrual cup, How to use a menstrual cup

The Floweret ™ Dual Kit comes with everything you need to make the transition.

Your Floweret Cup & Stem Cup offer

  • up to 12 hours of protection 
  • use day or night 
  • 3 x tampon & pad capacity
  • comfy & reliable
  • chemical & toxin-free
  • better for the environment 
  • better for you

    Choose Heavy Or Light Flow (Both Sizes Fit All Ages ) 

    2 x Cups: One Floweret Cup & One Stem Cup

    (Both Come With A Cotton Carry Bag)

    1 x  Reusable Menstrual Pad 

    1 x Carry and Steriliser Case  

    Colours of the product are chosen at random

    It is recommended to have two Floweret ™ cups on rotation. Clean and sterilise your Floweret ™ cup after 12 hours of use

    Sterilising takes just 3 minutes, with our carry and clean case. 

    Size Guide 



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