Using a Menstrual Cup Doesn't Have to Be Daunting

A lot of women want to use a menstrual cup, but they are scared to do so. This is understandable, as menstrual cups are completely unlike any other period product. They are not like pads and they are not like tampons. However, this doesn’t mean that using a menstrual cup needs to be daunting. In fact, using a menstrual cup can be an enjoyable and exciting way to manage your period.


Don’t Be Worried About Using a Menstrual Cup


  • Practice Inserting and Removing Your Cup - If you are worried about using a menstrual cup, take the time to practice. Practice inserting, removing and emptying your cup. Though you may struggle at first, using a menstrual cup does eventually become extremely easy. Practicing will help you to become a lot more confident in using a menstrual cup, as well as helping you to become quicker.


  • Build Up to Emptying Your Cup in Public Bathrooms - A lot of women worry about having to empty their menstrual cup in a public bathroom as it can seem tricky, but there’s no need. Before attempting to use your menstrual cup in public, get used to using it at home. Once you are confident in using it at home, you’ll find the thought of using it in public is less daunting.


  • Keep a Plan B in Your Bag - Rather than worrying about leaking when you’re out and about, have a back up plan. Menstrual cups are very effective in managing a period and leaks are unlikely, but trusting this can be difficult at first. To avoid the daunting feeling, have a tampon or pad to hand just in case.


  • Remember to Relax and Enjoy Your Cup - Rather than worrying about using your menstrual cup, try to enjoy it. Menstrual cups are effective, affordable and comfortable. It would be a shame not to really enjoy using one. Focus on the benefits of using a menstrual cup, rather than any worries that you may have.


Though a lot of women initially find the prospect of using a menstrual cup to be daunting, there’s really no need. With a little bit of practice and a good understanding of how a menstrual cup works, using one is simple and straightforward. Within no time at all, you will see why menstrual cups are so popular. Women of all ages are using them, will you be one of them?

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