Can You Wear a Menstrual Cup After Pregnancy?

After you have given birth, your experience with your period may change slightly. As the body changes, our periods change. It’s something that’s hard to avoid and it affects many women. Luckily, the way that you manage your period doesn't need to change drastically after pregnancy. Whether you have used a menstrual cup before or you are thinking about using one for the first time, doing so after pregnancy isn’t an issue.

Wearing a Menstrual Cup After Pregnancy

Wearing a menstrual cup is a clean and comfortable way to deal with your period, which is why it’s a popular choice for women who have recently given birth. When you are dealing with a brand new baby and a busy life, a menstrual cup can help. Menstrual cups can be worn for a lot longer than tampons and overnight, which means that you don’t need to worry about regularly emptying it when you have other things to think about. Menstrual cups also have the benefit of being reusable, which helps to keep the cost down. This is surely something that a brand new mum is sure to appreciate.

  • If you have used a menstrual cup before, you’ll know which size cup works best for you. This won’t necessarily change after pregnancy, but some women do notice that they need to change to a cup that fits slightly better. 
  • If you’re suffering with bleeding after pregnancy, you shouldn’t use a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are to be used specifically for periods. However, once you have been given the go ahead from your medical professional, you can use a menstrual cup
  • If you’re nervous about using a menstrual cup after pregnancy, ease yourself back into things slowly. Take the time to familiarise yourself with the cup again and how it works. Practice inserting, removing and cleaning it before your period arrives.
  • A lot of women find that their cervix changes position slightly after they have given birth, especially if you have given birth a few times. This may mean that a different menstrual cup is needed. For example, if the cervix has moved lower than you’ll need a shorter cup.

After you have given birth, don’t rush back into trying to use a menstrual cup. The body changes a lot during childbirth and therefore it’s best to wait until you and your body are ready. Eventually, you will be able to use a menstrual cup in the same way that you always have done, pregnancy won’t change that.

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