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Floweret ™ Period Underwear

It is easy to quit the use of single-use plastic products like disposable pads & tampons w...

It is easy to quit the use of single-use plastic products like disposable pads & tampons with our undies.

Are They Suitable For Me? 

Depending on your flow our undies can replace pads, tampons, liners, & cups, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection.

They feel and look just like regular underwear, but are so much better for the environment and your pocket! 

Are They Suitable For My Flow? 

Test your Underwear at home first, so you can get a good idea of how heavy your flow is and how often you may need to change.

Of course, everyone is different and your flow can change throughout your cycle, but the majority of users change morning and night.

Our top-selling Period undies hold the same flow as 2 regular tampons (around 15ml or 3 teaspoons) 

If you have a light to moderate flow, you will be able to wear your period undies instead of traditional period products, like pads and liners.

If you have a heavy flow to very heavy flow you may need to change more regularly. Or you can choose to wear your period undies as a back-up to pads, tampons, or cups.

Either way, peace of mind is priceless. 


Here at Floweret, we all wear our undies all month round, as they are also great for:

Light bladder leaks

Excessive vaginal moisture

Avoiding staining your underwear 

Keep clothes fresher for longer 

Exercise comfort


Pre & Post Birth 


Please note: We added the teen size guide for quick reference only, they are the same as adult sizes, the size guide shows this and the measurements. It’s always best to check the measurements! 

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